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Forgotten Places: North Dakota Volume I

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02/28/2014: Old Barns and Industrial Sites

Old barns are common sights throughout rural America and in the small towns it is likely that you will find old industrial sites that are no longer functioning and have for all practical purposes been abandoned. Eventually many of them fall down on their own or fall to the bulldozer or wrecking ball. These structures […] - More

02/27/2014: Horses and Abandoned Machinery

Further along Route 50 between Burlington and Romney, WV, I passed a field that was littered with old, apparently abandoned vehicles and other farm machinery. Included on the field were several horses, who were probably not finding a lot to graze on with much of the ground still covered with the remains of the recent […] - More

02/26/2014: Burlington Volunteer Fire Department

Burlington, West Virginia sits astride Route 50 about 11 miles west of Romney. One of the main features of the village was the volunteer fire department building, which hardly looks large enough to house any kind of a significant fire fighting apparatus. Still, it shows the spirit of volunteerism in small towns across the country. […] - More

02/25/2014: Keyser Train Station

Finally! Some sunshine and moderate temperatures. Having driven to Cumberland, Maryland to pick up prints from the Tri-State Photography Exhibit, I decided to take advantage of this first break in the weather to take a little road trip that took me south out of Cumberland, through Keyser and Romney and then back through Berkeley Springs […] - More

02/24/2014: Orchards in Winter

Out to the west of Martinsburg and Route 81 is an area where orchards dominate the landscape. Very little can better illustrate the harshness of the winter than looking at the rows of bare trees under a grey overcast sky with the remnants of recent snows. Filed under: Landscapes, Miscellaneous, Photography, Recent Images - More

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Current and Recent Exhibits

Forgotten Places: North Dakota
Solo Exhibit
Redbrick Gallery
404 West King Street, Martinsburg, WV
October 22 - November 28, 2011
Reception October 22, 4-7pm

2011 West Viginia Juried Exhibit
West Virginia Division of Culture and History
and the Stifel Fine Arts Center
Wheeling, West Virginia
September 30m 2011 - January 2, 2012

Forgotten Places: North Dakota
Solo Exhibit
Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center
40 South Carroll Street, Frederick, MD
August 13 - September 25, 2011

Annual Juried Exhibit
Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center
40 South Carroll Street, Frederick, MD
June 4 - July 24, 2011

FotoDC FLASH Exhibit
Crystal City
2450 Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA
(12th & 13th Floors)
March 17-April 17, 2011

18th Annual Tri-State Photography Exhibit
Saville Gallery, Cumberland, Maryland
February-March, 2011
First Prize, Black and White

David L. Dickirson Fine Arts Gallery, Beckley, WV
January - April, 2011

"Inspired" Juried Art Exhibit
Historic Buildings and Structures

Commissioner's Gallery, The Cultural Center, Charleston, WV
Purchase Award: Permanent Collection of the West Virginia State Museum
January-June, 2011

West Virginia Arts and Craft Guild
Biennial Competition

November 2010 - April 2011
Honorable Mention

About Me

Like the ancient world composed of the essential elements of earth, air, fire, and water, a photograph depicts a subject with the essential elements of light, shadow, form, and texture. My images seek to capture that essence of the subject: the way it reflects light, it’s form and texture, and how it is modified by light and shadow.

I have been doing photography for something over 40 years, starting with a folding camera and black & white roll film. Over time I dabbled with various formats but mostly I worked in 35mm. I enjoyed the versatility of the 35mm SLR and took on the challenge of making high quality images from this small format.

In the 1960s I worked in a small photo studio where I spent many hours in the darkroom making black and white prints. Then I moved from still photography to television and video. I have now come full circle, returning to photography as art after a 30-year career in visual communication.

Several years ago I embraced the digital world. I now shoot with a Nikon digital camera and my darkroom is a computer, Adobe Photoshop and an archival inkjet printer. The image quality and creative control that you can get with the “digital darkroom” is just astounding.

With the great progress in the development of digital tools for photography over the last few years, the debate is pretty well settled as to whether digitally captured and processed images are valid art forms.

To me, photography is about the image, and the photographer’s vision. All of the technical tools, whether film-based or digitally-based, are are nothing more or less than tools for translating the photographer’s vision into a medium that can enjoyed by others.

Thank you for looking at my work. I hope you find something here you like.

Rip Smith

Email: sterlingimageswv (at) gmail (dot) com

Snail Mail: Sterling Images, PO Box 969, Martinsburg, WV 25402

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